Onlivery: A leading Lebanese Appreneurial Story

Like any other startup, Onlivery’s main trigger was the massive need that was in the market. Everyone was caught up in the old traditional food ordering tools, facing the same question day by day when lunchtime strikes, “what’s for lunch today?”

Although almost everyone says they want to try something new every once in a while, the problem is that a lot of people don’t even have the needed information required to try out new places, be it about nearby restaurants that deliver to where they’re at, restaurants’ price range, cuisine type, or any other prerequisite for any customer to take this leap of faith and try out something new.

There, the Onlivery Guys saw a need! And their main objective was, still is, and will always be to fulfill this need and help every Onlivery user to have all the needed information available whenever, wherever.

Providing convenience, Onlivery’s main USP as a concept is not only limited to instant access to hundreds of up-to-date menus whenever needed, but also providing a tool where customers can hand over their “food ordering mission” to someone else.

“Without knowing it, every time you order food, you’re on a mission; Onlivery makes sure your whole mission is taken care of; every time… From A to Z,” says Abed Majzoub, COO of Onlivery.

It starts from searching for menus, figuring out if the needed restaurant delivers to your location, getting the restaurant’s phone number, calling the restaurant, which will most likely take a lot of time as restaurants’ lines are almost always busy, until at last you order and have your food delivered to you. Order your food online and leave the rest to us!

Although they do provide an easier way for people to order food, yet they are changing trends and breaking habits.

“One of the hardest challenges we opt to face is getting people to step out of their comfort zones and try this new ordering tool! Our main challenge is to get people to shift from a tool they’ve been using ever since they started ordering food to a tool introduced newly to the market; Overcoming this is our main challenge,” says Daniel Kofdrali, CEO of Onlivery. Kofdrali, one of the leading appreneurs in Lebanon, developed this friendly and innovative application that is available on the mobile phones of more than 200,000 users, with a great monthly increase in the number of users and market value. “Enhancing user’s offering, convenience and geographies” is the next milestone according to Kofdrali.

A Lebanese success story founded by an appreneur who has resigned from leading positions in MNCs and resisted the temptations of stability and steady paycheck to implement his vision, talking with Kofdrali, you immediately discover that many ideas are being cooked and a serial entrepreneur is being born.


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