Why I decided To Blog

One of the virtues of teaching is that it instills in you the love of sharing knowledge. Eleven years of academic life have put me in direct contact with more than 10 thousand students at five different universities. Seventeen years of professional life have endowed me with the prerequisites of being an authority in my field. During this journey, I myself was learning and experimenting my knowledge with a generation which has witnessed the digital revolution and another one which has witnessed the SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) revolution. Year after year, I have noticed that the mode of grasping knowledge is on continuous change and the life cycle of information is being shorter than ever. One of the paramount challenges in my academic career is speaking the language of the digital citizens who will soon be admitted to universities and making a change in the mindset of the older generation to keep pace with the trends without compromising the quality of knowledge.

As a student, I have discovered what it takes to be a boring professor and I decided to take a different path. I have discovered that students do not identify or feel engaged when being passive learners and when being bombarded solely with theories. Hence, besides being an academician, I decided to be a practitioner. I was keen about putting a rich experience on the table. Being a “practademician” is my cutting edge. Speaking the language of the current generation is indispensable. While accumulating my experience at different fronts ranging from university teaching, working with several UN bodies, consulting private and public sector major players, writing a best seller book and investing in research, my profile became more appealing and sought after. This has created interest to different stakeholders to invite me to talk at top national, regional and international conferences and summits, deliver workshops and organize events which have become the talk of the town. When invited to TV interviews, the content I provide and the mode of delivery receive a very positive feedback. My academic experience dictates on me being a lifelong learner which gives my professional life an added value. The outreach of this combination has become wider. My digital presence has augmented and has injected more enthusiasm on my side to maintain this added value and to keep on sharing knowledge and engaging my followers.

Starting a blog has always been an idea which knocked my door but I wasn’t welcoming because I know the commitment and consistency it requires. Today, I feel ready more than ever and I don’t want to deprive myself of the bigger reach I can attain via blogging and neither do I want to keep my ideas to myself in this Knowledge based economy.

Leveraging on the aforementioned, hasanyouness.com will be my new blog which resembles me; a true representation of what I do and what I speak of. It will include topics related to business trends, sustainability, branding, PR and marketing, communication and business etiquette among a plethora of topics. I will be analytical in some blogs, narrative in others and critical when required. When talking about some trends, I will show case interviews with the trend setters and the leading business people in a particular industry. I will capitalize on my excellent network with the business community to share exclusive material on top brands and the people behind them. My appearances in the leading events will be archived and shared with you in the aim of creating interaction and exchanging some insights and probing others.

A new platform is being created today. I pledge on making it unique, authentic and original. I rely on your interaction and on the content that you will create. At the end, I am blogging not lecturing…

It takes two to blog.