Trends in Communication

The quality of a certain product or service means nothing unless it is properly unveiled to the public. Keeping the updates of a certain brand or its competitive advantage within the realm of companies alone jeopardizes this brand’s positioning and share in the market. Bad communication would have a disastrous impact on the perception of this brand by consumers. Hence, there are current communication trends that brands have to follow to properly reveal the intended image to the target audience.

1. Real time content creation and scarcity of time:

The notion of time has gained more importance in the world of business as the competitive cycles kept getting ever fiercer, with complexity on the rise. When talking about scarcity of resources in economics, time has become an integral resource in addition to land, labor, and capital.

The elimination of activities and strategies that waste a client’s time has the potential to become a competitive advantage. Real time and relevant consumption of updated content meet the customers’ expectations. Snapchat and the communication dynamic it creates is a representative example.

2. User generated content (UGC):

User generated content (UGC) has become an important communication and marketing activity. Customers and other stakeholders are participating heavily in some of the brand-building activities. Customers trust peer recommendations more than a company’s sales messaging; hence, companies are adding features on their websites to facilitate users sharing comments or running competitions to engage audiences.

3. Brands are developing a sense of citizenship:

Companies are assuming a role in brand activism on issues related to sustainability, especially in matters related to environmental and social factors. 2015 was a significant year in terms of advancing the global sustainable development agenda following the launch of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris climate agreement.

4. Brands are developing a personable approach:

Corporate communicators are loosening up a bit and showing their more authentic and realistic side. Live social media chats with company leaders help in showing a more personable approach to communications.

It is not weird to check into a certain restaurant or mall and get greeted by the brand itself afterward or have your name mentioned by the brand in a reply to a comment you have written about the extent of satisfaction after a dining experience or using a certain product.

5. A shift from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Customer Managed Relationships (CMR):

According to Markus Kramer of, CRM has become a cold, dry and rigid (transactional) science. He adds that for good practice on how relationshipmarketing works well with a very consistent and high degree of integrity and a real humanistic approach to the “relationship” aspects, one ought to take a look at the high-end luxury sector. Brands such as Aston Martin or Patek Philippe are mastering the process of genuinely bonding with customers. So are Apple and Harley-Davidson.

Marketers are asked to re-think relationship marketing. CRM is becoming a model of the past, CMR (Customer Managed Relationships) is the new paradigm. Brands must rework their segmentation models and the way they interact and communicate with their customers accordingly; they need to start the journey with the customers and not the other way around.

6. Purpose, real values and humanizing: Branding inside out:

According to Ernst and Young, appearance alone is superficial and will increasingly be recognized as such. Purpose driven brands are becoming increasingly able to demonstrate higher returns, more loyalty, and repeated business. Brands are embracing the concept of CSR and even looking beyond it. So both the outside and the inside of brands will need to be meaningful and led by shared and aligned purposes. Forward-thinking brands that add meaning to their customers’ lives will occupy more space in their consumers’ minds. Millennials and Gen Z cohorts find this approach of doing business more meaningful. Developing user-friendly interfaces has become even more important starting 2016. This can be referred to as humanizing.

Humanizing is about smarter cities, reducing complexity, innovation, and technological tools adapted to humans rather than the other way around. On the brand and product side, Apple and Bang & Olufsen are among the leaders of the humanization agenda. Consumers are willing to pay a premium for simple, beautiful, and reliable products. Brands, according to Kramer, should keep on improving what they have innovated until it is also fully humanized.

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  1. Customers want to feel valued; they want to know their business is appreciated. Poor response time, especially if done repeatedly, results in loss of customers and revenue. The key to generating loyal customers is to provide them with efficient service by the required time frame. Generated content will help you develop an online community that strengthens the customer/brand relationship. Brands are developing a sense of citizenship using trust, enrichment, responsibility, community, and contribution. Personal branding develops a mark around your name or your career. You use this mark to express and communicate your skills, personality, and values. CRM is a process of gathering and analyzing customer data, building precise marketing campaigns and managing relationships for optimized retention. The purpose of branding is knowing and consistently living from a true identity, from a real story, so that executive leadership, sales, marketing, product, support, operations, and corporate culture all align and mature in a compelling manner that is meaningful to anyone.


  2. It’s important to have a good communiction skills that leads to good relations between costumers and the brand . A business company must contact their employees in personal so they feel good and get a good respect and they can exchange loyalty.


  3. Very appealing topic that discusses contemporary trends in communication with customers and the general public. This blog tackles how brands and brand managers work on content creation that grabs more customers. It also discusses how brands are developing a more personal and socially responsible approach.


  4. Interesting content and presentation of contemporary trends in communication which are a must if the company wants to rise to the challenge and compete. Times are changing and so are the practices and trends. The blog discusses and explains these practices that aim at improving content creation and attracting more costumers. The approaches of brands are also developing and changing in a way that shows their more authentic side which is very effective. Many aspects of business are evolving and undergoing modifications.


  5. Interesting information about creating an attracting more costumers. It shows how brands and brand manager work on content creation to get more costumers . It makes costumers get more loyalty to the brands.


  6. It is known that consumers feel more concerned and connected to brands that are presence on social media, brands should build trust between them and their customers so when the customers start trusting the brand they will definitely be loyal costumers.


  7. Its so important to let the costumers feel that they are in the trusted place, they need this in order to gain their loyalty. For that strong communication, listening to the costumer’s feedbacks and being honest to them will help a lot in building good reputation, gaining publicity and increasing in sales.


  8. Very helpful topic,the way steps are explained is so clear, where, more important than knowing how to explain and communicate the trend itself is knowing how to COMMUNICATE and SYSTEMATIZE the area of knowledge in which it applies.


  9. Thanks dr. hassan for this information ,all of us should to build a good relation between customers and the brand you get a good communication , and this information is so important about attrancting more customers it show how this company work and make the customers more relaxed ,

    And this steps is the best steps to know how to communicate and build a good communication with each other


  10. Interesting and important topic to discuss, the new trends in communication to grab the customers and the target audience. Brands should gain consumers trust and loyalty, by building good and strong relationships, by listening to them, developing citizenship and a personable approach through social media. Communication and exchanging information in a good connection is the real thing to gain the customers.


  11. companies realized the importance of brand reputation and have refreshed, updated or completely re-branded to adapt. With so many other shifts in marketing,
    what they do and what they stand for. This also reflects expectations from customers who value brands they share common beliefs with.


  12. A VERY VERYY Interested and important and updated information that we can say that may be we wont know about during our major.More than that the way you explain is very clear and smart and this shows us how marketing is a very deep path .


  13. This summary has shown the importance of communication between the company and the customers on the one hand, and how to secure the correct communication on the other hand. A Good communication is subject to many criteria that must be adhered to, such as time, for example, or knowing what the customer wants in an innovative and not boring way, which encourages the customer to deal with the company’s product. Thank you Dr. for this valuable information.


  14. It’s important to have a good communication skills that leads to good relations between costumers and the brand. Brands are developing a sense of citizenship using trust, enrichment, responsibility, community, and contribution. Personal branding develops a mark around your name or your career.
    when the customers start trusting the brand they will definitely be loyal costumers.


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