Marketing trends shaping customer experience in 2020: what you need to know

Customers have developed voracious appetites for new content. To be visually appealing and to stand out, new content has to be updated in terms of its features, packaging, presence on convenient distribution channels, and digital media friendliness. If these conditions are not favorable, the content occupies the bottom of the feed or even occupies less shelf space, and accordingly, a lower positioning in the customers’ perception. Fierce competition that leaves consumers with a plethora of choices creates a challenge for marketers who have found themselves in an endless race of creating a unique experience for customers to avoid jeopardizing their loyalty or lower their retention rate. Retaining existing customers or attracting new ones requires adopting different techniques that had not been prevalent before. These techniques in dealing with the new generational cohorts have become indispensable to sustain a company’s level of competition or market share.

Trends in Dealing with Customers

Regardless of the industry in which a certain business is established, there are some new patterns of behavior that dictate the mode of operation. These patterns are focal for sustaining or developing an edge with respect to rivals.

Regardless of the industry in which a certain business is established, there are some new patterns of behavior that dictate the mode of operation. These patterns are focal for sustaining or developing an edge with respect to rivals.

Hence, businesses operating in this decade have to be concerned about the following:

1. Creating connections between customers:

While the economy of the last millennium was based on building assets by industrialism, the current economy rewards value created by building relationships and creating connections. The most valuable companies will connect buyer to seller, or consumer to content. For instance, Uber is the largest “taxi” company–yet they own no vehicles but still excel at connecting riders with drivers; and Facebook is the largest media company–yet they create no content, among many other examples of leading companies.

2. Customer experience:

The unprecedented bargaining power, which customers have acquired, has driven companies to compete based on providing their customers with a unique experience. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are urged to develop bleeding edge technologies to enhance customers’ experiences. Marketers and other key managers capitalize on Big Data and other analytical tools to make decisions and formulate strategies for that purpose.

Every smart phone adopted by one of the two billion smart phone holders is an opportunity for marketers to connect with a new client and create a unique experience, foster better customer loyalty and improved long-term engagement. Leveraging on the data required to fuel the outreach and building solid relationships founded on trust come as a replacement to mass targeting.

3. Developing human to human relationships

Companies are trying to appeal to the emotional side of customers in their marketing efforts. Striving for story-driven communication that is personal, conversational, empathetic, inspirational, and humorous arouses the interest of customers in a certain brand and creates more loyalty.

Digital Trends in Dealing with Customers

Being visible on the busy shelves and overcrowded newsfeed is a challenge that businesses confront in appealing to their customers. Customers have adopted some preferences in digesting information, which requires marketers to adopt technologies that serve that purpose. Sujan Patel, contributor to, says that the following trends can be leveraged on to enhance the appeal of the product and speak the language of consumers.

1. Virtual reality:

Virtual reality has come a long way since the concepts and products released in the 1990s and since the realities of today were believed to be mere science fiction. Technology like the Oculus Rift, which was bought out by Facebook to the tune of $2 billion, had a big impact on the way companies engage individual consumers.

Companies are now exploring improved control methods, this is why Facebook introduced hand tracking interactions are more seamless than using one’s own hands. Facebook will even be investigating brain interfaces in 2020! Virtual tours, one-on-one engagement, interactive and immersive commercials, enjoying a courtside seat at a game, or consulting with a doctor face-to-face are just a few ways marketing will likely shift in the near future through the use of virtual reality.

2. A new age of search

For years, consumers have been accustomed to the search engines of Google, Yahoo!, And Bing, which dominate the search market respectively. Facebook is currently adopting continued advancements to become a major player in this market. By expanding its search functionality, Facebook is able to tie in other components, which include call-to action buttons and payment messaging. This is accompanied by the ability to join groups and social discussions all in one platform that allows brands to create real digital experiences. Automation in 2020 will be more than a matter of convenience it will be an edge. Google is expected to earn $55.51B in ad revenues this year. This highly effective tools helps with everyday campaign optimizations, reporting, and tracking. Another search trend according to ComScore, is voice search. 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020.

This changes the way that people search and what type of terms or phrases they use to find information. Finally, one should not forget visual search such as Google Lens released in 2017 by Google or the Microsoft visual search tool. This allows users to search the web using their camera. In fact, 62% of Millennials express the desire to search visually, more so than any other new technology.

3. Stepping away from evergreen to creating more spontaneity

Brands used to develop evergreen content, or content that can remain viral for an extended period of time. Starting 2016, we have been witnessing a growing trend in sharing content in real time, especially with the growth of Snapchat, Periscope, the moments of Instagram, and the live option of Facebook, among other tools. Hence, the trend calls for simple, brief, and timely content.

4. Location-based marketing growth

Despite having been experimenting with location-based push marketing for a few years, retailers and brands did not get the sought support from major phone manufacturers. To create an interactive experience, brands and retailers target the user directly at or near the point of engagement. Using Bluetooth technology, you can send push notifications to nearby devices, attracting the attention of your target audience to retail locations, a tradeshow, or a nearby restaurant, among other locations. “Applications go beyond retail or location-based marketing. For instance, SK Telecom and Seoul National University Bundang Hospital are using Bluetooth Smart Beacons to provide round-the-clock patient information and navigation to 6,000 daily patients,” Patel says.

In addition, using this method of mobile targeting, brands can target relevant audiences with ads based on demographics and other data points. These are consumers who are most likely to fit their ideal customer profile. The most popular location marketing is mobile geolocation marketing including Mobile Audience Targeting and Real-Time Location Targeting such as geofencing and beaconing. In a report by Factual, almost 9 in 10 marketers said location-based advertising and marketing resulted in higher sales, followed by growth in their customer base (86%) and higher customer engagement (84%).

5. New forms of payment

NFC compatibility (Near Field Communication), Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Tap-and-go are some of the payment modes which started gaining momentum and will shape the payment modes of the upcoming decades. Bank cards now feature NFC technology to make payment become contactless. the process of authorizing transactions with a signature has become virtually obsolete. Banks also removed the signature requirement from credit card transactions, making advancements in payment security technology, such as EMV, tokenization, and artificial intelligence (AI) for payment data monitoring.

Another form of payment is related to Biometric authentication where consumers use their fingerprints to unlock their smartphones, authorizing mobile banking transactions and making mobile payments. Payment processes are some seamless thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) technology.  Shoppers can now select their purchases, walk out of the store and receive a receipt on an app or via email or text. In addition to this, it is important to note that payment security is still a top priority.

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  1. It is very useful and very interesting ,To see new and distinct developments , and I am very interested in these things that you send Doctor!😊


  2. What makes us feel on edge sometimes is when we lack that insightful analysis of the plenty platforms we are using.For instance,the example given about UBER and Facebook hit the target of newly developed methodologies to trigger our curiosity.
    Another interesting fact that the global market adopted a short while back is humanizing the business deals they aim at online.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. The customer experience in the digital era is constantly evolving which is why marketers must make an effort to keep up with the latest customer experience trends In fact improving and personal customer experience is the top priority of companies !


  4. It is a very informative article and interesting to read since it enabled me to see business from the marketers POV for I have always been seeing it from a consumers POV which makes more sense to me now for instance: ”Developing human to human relationships” by adopting humanitarian causes which inspires consumer to prefer a brand from the other ,for which brands are being judged not only for products/services but also by the values they adopt.


  5. We all acknowledge that the market industry is ever-changing, thus it’s a must to stay ahead of the curve and avoid the fierce competition to maintain an idol brand positioning. As this article helps us keeping pace with the market trends for a better business performance. Thank you for sharing this!


  6. Marketing trends shaping customers experience in 2020:
    1. Trends in dealing with customers
    .Creating connection between customers: by building relationships and creating connections even if their is no intangible things, they can connect by application for example uber

    .Customer experience: marketers should connect with the clients in a special way to keep them loyal for a long term to their company and build trust, one of the ways are by the phone

    .Developing humans to human relationships:
    Loyalty is built by companies having ways as stories which are emotional or might affect the customers and manipulate their feelings

    2.Digital trends in dealing with customers:

    Investing brain interfaces that will shift in 2020.
    Facebook is becoming more important in 2020 for marketing, this platform allows brand to create digital experience, Google voice search is another trend in 2020 as we all know you can find anything you want to know on google.
    Using different platforms to share moments and stories which is a trend that creates spontaneity.
    The method of mobile targeting which is the bluetooth technology raised the sales, their customer base and higher customer engagement.
    New technologies for paying online or receiving the receipt on phone.


  7. Today’s consumers are very weak in terms of loyalty since the purchasing options they have are now very diversified, and the competition is high.
    So following the trendiest tactics is very important to keep the companies on the right track and that’s how this article is helpful.


  8. nice and interesting topic and beneficial at the same time thank you , it let us know how the consumer or the customer thinks in now a days. in addition to this, the idea of trends and how we it effects on us is really wide topic. So the trends make the relation between companies and customors. keep up the good work and always let us up to date with your latest work


  9. The article is very interesting, it’s good to know about marketing trends and how it let the customer always happy and satisfied in order to be loyal customer for a company.


  10. When it comes to virtual reality, how close are we to mass adoption? Is it more like there’s a competition between both realities, Augmented and Virtual? Is the lack of standardization and a higher price tag here plays a role in marketing trends?


  11. It’s very nice and interesting topic, it’s good to know about the digital trends and how the customer will think or interact now a days.
    In fact with things like the virtual reality and the location and new forms of payments becoming increasingly popular.


  12. A beautiful and interesting topic that depends on how the consumer thinks.
      And the idea of ​​trends has a huge impact on us, and this leads to success.
      Trends make the relationship between companies and clients in a new and correct way.
      This makes the customer always happy and satisfied to be a loyal customer of a company.
      And new payment is increasingly popular.


    1. Communication and interaction is thek key of a successful relationship betwen the consumer and the product or service. It is important to show the consumer that he is speacial by focusing on his spesific needs and taste. This articles is very important because it show us how technology of communication helps us to build a better relationship with customer and this will reflect positively on our work. Using trends to create a whole new experiene for loyal consumers is also important so he can feels the new facilities that technology provides him and to re-create a great new image of the seller. Thank you Dr Hassan for this intresting article!


  13. Very important and useful topic because it’s important to know of the digital trends and how It make consumer engage and connect more with the product or service specially in our current society, and this results in gaining customer loyalty which is super important! Thank you Dr. Hasan for the Article looking forward for more!


  14. Communication and interaction is the key to a successful relationship between a consumer and a product or service. It is important to show the consumer that he is private by focusing on his own needs and taste. It shows us how communication technology helps us build a better relationship with customers.


  15. The article is very interesting, it is good to know about marketing trends and how it let the customer always happy and satisfied in order to be a loyal customer, for that many companies have a goal which is (customers are in the center) that means they are the goal of the company to achieve the trust of the clients.


  16. The article is very intersting and benificial,it’s good to know about marketing trends,and how the customer thinks in now a the marketing trends let the customer always satisfied to be a loyal customer of a campany.
    Thank you dr. Hasan u for this important article!!


  17. It is very interesting and great to know in details about marketing , and how to make a loyal customer , and keep them , thank u dr for sharing these information with us , I appreciate alot .


  18. the article is very interesting to read and informative thank you, it’s great to know approximately the advanced patterns and how the client will think or connected presently a days. otherwise with things just like the virtual reality and the area and unused shapes of installments getting to be progressively prevalent.


  19. This article revealed how the human interaction became crucial lately. It’s very decisive to build a relationship with the customer in order to flourish the business. However, customer’s mentality is changing with the time alongside the market for sure. So maybe in 10 years we’ll see different ways in market regarding the interaction with the customer. Thank you Dr. Hasan for this article it’s Worthy.


  20. The customer experience in the digital era is constantly evolving which is why marketers must make an effort to keep up with the latest customer experience trends In fact improving and personal customer experience is the top priority of companies .

    Today the customer experience As we enter a new decade , is firmly positioned as a competitive advantage and something most companies are prioritizing , It’s never been more important to deliver a consistent, seamless experience for customers and to look towards the future to find innovative ways to meet their needs.


  21. As time moves forward more experiences and more challenges and competitions Companies and consumers face. its so important for companies to look ahead and surprise the consumers with new ways to get them to their needs, it is the top priority to improve the experience of the customer or consumer


  22. The client involvement within the computerized time is continually advancing which is why marketers must make an exertion to keep up with the most recent client involvement patterns In truth progressing and individual client encounter is the beat need of companies


  23. The article is interesting and it’s beneficial in many level. The way you shape things in the business world is always an upgraded perspective. This article shows the costumer way of thinking and howe he comprehend stuff!!


  24. Amazing and interesting topic , it`s very important to know about marketing trends and how make a costumer always happy and fulfilled to be a loyal customer of a company.

    Thank you Dr. Hasan for the super important article this helped me for future.


  25. this article helps us keeping pace with the market trends for a better business performance. It is very useful and very interesting , thank you dr , it ‘s perfect.


  26. The article is useful and interesting, it’s great to know about promoting patterns and how it let the client always cheerful and fulfilled in arrange to be faithful client for a company.


  27. An effective customer service procedure is giving your customer an exceptional help. Customers need to manufacture connections and emotional relation and will react to brands that show enthusiasm for them and afterward line that up with a steady, technology driven experience. Consumer trends are about how the consumers behave, want, and how they view their general surroundings. These trends are impacting the performance marketing research hits to assist associations with making important, appropriate, and engaging experiences over the whole consumer venture. The tools and customer service trends discussed in the link can make the business a highly customer success driven and make customer service a true differentiator factor. Thank you.


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