Employer Branding Roundtable

I was happy to take part in the “Employer Branding Roundtable” organized by the Arab Open University on February 13, 2019 that aims to increase the awareness about “employer Branding” concept among executives in Lebanon and to underline strategies for improving it.

Among the topics covered:

  • The definition of employer branding.
  • Who should own and drive employer branding within an organization?
  • Where employer branding fits in the overall branding process.
  • The key steps in an effective employer branding process.
  • The benefits of employer branding to all stakeholders.
  • The risks in building (or not building) an employer brand.
  • The evolution of employer branding in a new world of internally and externally blurred
  • The role and/or failures of employer branding if countering the current high levels of
    employee disengagement.
  • How to measure the effectiveness of employer branding programs.
  • New trends and challenges in this arena.

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