Honor the Penal Code! Secure her Haven.

I was delighted to make a contribution on the topic of gender equality from the private sector and entrepreneurship perspectives during the conference “Honor the Penal Code! Secure Her Haven”. Organized by The Communication Arts Department, the conference was under the auspices and presence of H.E. Minister of Women Affairs Jean Oghassabian and distinguished guests Colonel Joseph Mousallem, Director of Public Relations Division of the Internal Security Forces, representing the Director-General of the ISF General Imad Othman and Mrs. Fatima Al Hajj, an activist and a lawyer from Kafa. 

Dr. Youness from UNGC said that the best way to empower women is through entrepreneurial efforts in the era of mobile and digital revolution, and in ways that are most accessible for women. As for the UNGC, “it is a 2015 United Nations initiative with the purpose to achieve sustainable development by 2035.  Gender Equality is objective number 5.”  He argued that the private sector has a major role to play in this regard, along with government guidance and major stakeholders taking active part, in order to free and empower women and to facilitate their entrepreneurial encounters.  He said that there are many on-going efforts with the UNDP to establish valid economic repercussions of gender violence as viable statistic.


Thank you American University of Science and Technology AUST for being an excellent host. Special thank you to the president of the university Mrs. Hiam Sakr and dean Farha.


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