LIU Entrepreneurship Competition

It was my pleasure to train a total of 12 LIU teams from 9 campuses on how to pitch their idea and present their business plan. I gave a workshop on the different components of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Lebanon while stressing on elevator pitching and creating a value proposition. You can download my presentation and benefit from all the tips and tricks!

The Department of Management and International Management held the Entrepreneurship Competition on Friday, May 24th, 2019 in Beirut Campus. A total of 12 teams from LIU’s 9 campuses participated in the event. The competition commenced with a speech delivered by the department’s chairperson Mrs. Nour El Amine whereby she welcomed the teams, their instructors, and the jurors, and announced the launch of the competition. Teams pitched their ideas for 5 minutes followed by a Q&A about the idea from the jury panel who allocated points according to a set of criteria. The jury panel consisted of well established entrepreneurial figures: Ms. Aseel Honein (Serial Social Entrepreneur), Mr. Daniel Kodrali (Founder of Onlivery), Dr. Hasan Youness (Strategic Advisor of UNGC Lebanon Network and a University Lecturer), Ms. Lea Kai Aboujaoude (Project Manager of Climate Change Projects at UNDP), Mr. Mohamad Beydoun (Founder & CEO of L’Art-Qui-Tecte), Ms. Mona Itani (Founder and CEO of Riyada for Social Innovation SAL and Coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Initiative at the MSFEA, AUB), and finally Ms. Sarah Issa (National Network Coordinator and Contact Person at the UN Global Compact Network Lebanon).

After the end of all 12 presentations, the jurors held a closed meeting and discussed all ideas before choosing the two teams that placed first and second.

The first place winning pitch was that of the following students, Enaam Kassab, Sarah Jaafar, Nour Seklawi and Mahmoud Arzouni representing Tyre campus, who proposed manufacturing papers from compostable material such as fruit peels, and the second place winners were Anas Alaa Eddine, Ibrahim Kazaleh, Khaled Hammoud and Wissam AL-Ghati representing Bekaa Campus, who proposed manufacturing Oud from recycled wood .
First and second place winners received a full and half course fee waiver respectively.


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