Success Stories of young entrepreneurs

On Saturday February 23, I was happy to take part in the session “success stories of young entrepreneurs” as part of the event “paradigm shift in rethinking success” organized by the scientific committee of the order of Engineers and Architects of Tripoli.

Some insights of my intervention:

As part of my experience in teaching entrepreneurship management for
engineers, I have come to realize that they fuel ideas for research and development and lack knowledge of the feasibly aspect of these ideas. This is why I was always keen on teaching them financial feasibility, product feasibility and market feasibility. No matter how brilliant the idea is, it should never stay in its conceptualization phase, it should be actualized.

Entrepreneurs should be lifelong learners who think outside the box.

When defining entrepreneurship, I believe that innovation is the crown jewel of it.

Entrepreneurs are risk takers dealing with an over demanding
and spoiled target audience. It is imperative to look at the challenges,
threats and opportunities through all political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal aspects before venturing into a new
project. Perseverance is one key component of success. Keeping up with the
latest trends of the industry and having a competitive advantage are also vital in the process of growing as entrepreneurs.

After all, there is always a long way to go!


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