Sustainable Digital Ecosystem Summit

Under the patronage of His Excellency Mr. Saad Hariri, the Sustainable Digital Ecosystem Summit (SDE Summit) took place on 22 – 24 January, at the MEA Training & Conferences Center.
The SDE Summit brought together organizations and experts, top-tier information executives, ICT Directors, Digital Transformation Experts, from the whole sustainable Digital Ecosystem value chain, to interact and engage in high level content and discussions on current trends and developments disrupting the digital ecosystem and how this will impact their business digital strategy and competitiveness going forward.

My key takeaways??

  • The sources of knowledge have become more diversified and more easily accessible however this doesn’t undermine the role of traditional institutions.
  • Blending the different learning platforms is a necessity to appeal to Gen Z and digital citizens.
  • Empowering women and preparing them to get into the tech industry is a necessity for the economy and to break the glass ceiling. This is of paramount importance due the newly founded jobs which require women in tech.
  • Youth innovation has to be maximized by getting rid of the barriers via creating platforms, hackathons, entrepreneurial culture and bonding between the different components of the ecosystem.
  • Sustainability and adopting the notion of SDGs has to accomplish all the endeavors for creating a digital ecosystem.
  • Technical and vocational education and training have to be taken more seriously via collaboration between the different stakeholders.
  • The Lebanese 1997 curricula has to be revisited to be compatible with the requirements of the new digital revolution.

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