Annahar’s Roadshow at LAU

Annahar’s Roadshow offers universities the opportunity to tap into business interests across continents and cultures with the help of our integrated media platform. Both faculty and students will be given immense exposure and the opportunity to connect with leading members of the local and international business community, successful entrepreneurs, and prominent expats. Students will interact with business leaders who will offer insights into real-world experiences, highlighting how success may come in many shapes and sizes: startups, influencers, social media promoted talent, and e-commerce among other forms.

Why is this event different from what Universities already do?

Annahar as content experts, will do what we are great at – creating exciting stories from real life situations. While academic in nature, the vibe will be made for the digital first generation. Videos – young MC’s – lively moderators and credibility all packaged in a fun 2-3 hours.

Annahar views this innovative approach as an opportunity to connect the University, its faculty, and students with community leaders while opening the door to new and broad horizons that would help youth kick start their careers and make meaningful contributions to their community


I started my interview by quoting Heraclitus:” Change is the only constant in life” We need to be constant life learners to be open to new job opportunities. The outcome of the 4th industrial revolution especially digitization, AI, big data and cloud revolution, has made knowledge the fuel of today’s economy. This is why we call it now the knowledge economy!