What does it look like to be Lebanese in 2020?

Lebanon Today with Dr. Hasan Youness, Lecturer at Lebanese International University and University Saint Joseph.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn about the political, economic and social situation in Lebanon today. Already facing multiple challenges, the country was rocked by massive explosions that have left the people of Lebanon in dire straits.

Erasmus+ virtual Exchange program

I was honored to chair a panel on #Erasmus+ virtual Exchange program with the leaders in the the field .
The topics of the discussion and my guests were:
Online Facilitated Dialogues, Mr. Ayoub Alnmour, Soliya
Interactive Open Online Courses, Ms. Juliet Mühlbauer, Sharing Perspectives Foundation Transnational Virtual Exchange Projects, Ms. Francesca Helm, UNICollabotration Advocacy Training, Ms. Ana Martin, Anna Lindh Foundation.

ABLE Summit

It was a delightful experience to have a Global Compact Network Lebanon track in the very well designed conference ABLE (Accessibility for a Bolder Learning Experience) summit at American University of Beirut (AUB) on April 12!

ABLE (Accessibility for a Bolder Learning Experience), is an IT@A.U.B initiative by the Office of Information Technology (IT) in collaboration with the Student Affairs Accessible Education Office (A.E.O) at the American University of Beirut (A.U.B) to open the doors of higher education for all through digital accessibility .

Governmental policies discussion is crucial for ensuring digital accessibility for all with no exception.
Powered by Global Compact Network Lebanon, the Governance and Regulations track of the#ABLESummit2019 

The goals of the ABLE summit are to:
-Trigger a high impact awareness wave
-Create a knowledge-share hub
-Bring together expertise and experiences
-Energize the community and trigger collaborations
-Amplify the impact of the current initiatives
-Sketch a roadmap to Digital Accessibility in Higher Education

The summit brought together Students with special needs and their parents, educators and academicians, special education schools and institutions, policy makers, officials and specialists, NGOS ,Industry leaders among many other.

I gladly moderated a panel on Governance and regulations with honorable guests:

  • H.E. MP Nadim GemayelChairman of the ICT Committee, Lebanese Parliament
  • H.E. Former Minister of Telecom & MP Nicolas Sehnaoui, Chairman,UK-Lebanon Tech Hub
  • H.E. MP. Dr. Inaya Ezzeddine, Minister of State for Administrative Reform, Lebanese Parliament
  • Ms. Angela Zettler, Disability Focal Point, Inclusive Social Development Section/Social Development Division,United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia

The Summit ended by a great panel discussion on the major takeaways and the roadmap to digital accessibility in Higher Education in Lebanon.

I was happy to take part in this discussion with Dr. Yousif Asfour, CIO at AUB, Mr. Fadi Yarak, Director General of Education at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE), Ms. Hiyam Fakhoury, Director of the Rights and Access program at MOSA Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA), Mr. Sergio Moukarzel, Consultant at ProAbled, Dr. Talal Nezameddin, Dean of Student Affairs at AUB, Dr. Fawzi Baroud, CIO at NDU and Mr. Camille Abu Naser, CIO at LAU. This panel was moderated by Mr. Rami Farran, Director of IT Academic Services at AUB.

Annahar’s Roadshow at LAU

Annahar’s Roadshow offers universities the opportunity to tap into business interests across continents and cultures with the help of our integrated media platform. Both faculty and students will be given immense exposure and the opportunity to connect with leading members of the local and international business community, successful entrepreneurs, and prominent expats. Students will interact with business leaders who will offer insights into real-world experiences, highlighting how success may come in many shapes and sizes: startups, influencers, social media promoted talent, and e-commerce among other forms.

Why is this event different from what Universities already do?

Annahar as content experts, will do what we are great at – creating exciting stories from real life situations. While academic in nature, the vibe will be made for the digital first generation. Videos – young MC’s – lively moderators and credibility all packaged in a fun 2-3 hours.

Annahar views this innovative approach as an opportunity to connect the University, its faculty, and students with community leaders while opening the door to new and broad horizons that would help youth kick start their careers and make meaningful contributions to their community


I started my interview by quoting Heraclitus:” Change is the only constant in life” We need to be constant life learners to be open to new job opportunities. The outcome of the 4th industrial revolution especially digitization, AI, big data and cloud revolution, has made knowledge the fuel of today’s economy. This is why we call it now the knowledge economy!

Moushtarayat (4th Government Procurement & Contracting Conference & Exhibition)

The 4th edition of the Government Procurement and Contracting Conference and Exhibition (Moushtarayat 2019) organized by
Qatar Development Bank (QDB) took place from 31/3/2019 to 2/4/2019 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC).

Source: Qatar-tribune.com

Building on the momentum of its preceding editions, Moushtarayat 2019 ushered in a wave of new opportunities for the government-private sector cooperation. The expo welcomed members of the private sector, particularly small and medium enterprises (SME), that attended and participated in a wide range of public tenders, publicly announced throughout the year.

A key aspect of the conference was to educate the local SMEs about the procedures involved in existing public tenders extended by big buyers, such as larger private sector companies, semi-governmental and governmental bodies.

I was happy to take part in a panel discussion on SME friendly public procurement procedure.

I emphasized on the importance of public and private procurement from SMEs for being the engine of the economies and their role in innovation, creating job opportunities and their socially responsible nature in many cases. I also tackled the importance of being socially responsible across the different activities of the supply chain, upstream and downstream. My talk also tackled the history and growth of the United Nations Global Compact, the SDGs and 2030 agenda.

Employer Branding Roundtable

I was happy to take part in the “Employer Branding Roundtable” organized by the Arab Open University on February 13, 2019 that aims to increase the awareness about “employer Branding” concept among executives in Lebanon and to underline strategies for improving it.

Among the topics covered:

  • The definition of employer branding.
  • Who should own and drive employer branding within an organization?
  • Where employer branding fits in the overall branding process.
  • The key steps in an effective employer branding process.
  • The benefits of employer branding to all stakeholders.
  • The risks in building (or not building) an employer brand.
  • The evolution of employer branding in a new world of internally and externally blurred
  • The role and/or failures of employer branding if countering the current high levels of
    employee disengagement.
  • How to measure the effectiveness of employer branding programs.
  • New trends and challenges in this arena.

Breakthrough Innovation for the SDGs

On Jan. 31st, representatives from Global Compact networks from all over the world met at the UN city in Copenhagen to help in designing Global Compact Young SDG Innovators program. The round table was attended by CEO and Executive Director of UNGC Lise Kingo, top directors and experts in the field of sustainability.

This program will be Launched in many countries around the world including Lebanon. This program in addition to SDG Youth pioneers were initiated due to the UN emphasis on youth as the future change agents.

The 1st of Feb. was a special day for the Danish network which was able to organize a big forum with more than 400 attendees including youth from all over the world.
Engaging youth in building the business of tomorrow was the theme. The forum started with a keynote by CEO and Executive Director of UNGC Lise Kingo and a welcome note by Anne-Marie Skov, executive director of the Tuborg Foundation.

Innovation for the SDGs in private sector companies was one of the discussed topics with case studies from Grundgos and Calsberg Group. Development requires partnerships and innovation hence was a talk by Danish Minister for development cooperation.

With the executive directors of Brazil, South Africa, and USA I participated in a panel discussion on SDG innovation Around the World as a representative of Lebanon. The Lebanese example was able to wow the audience.

A keynote by John Elkington tackled breakthrough innovation and the final panel gathered young entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who were able to make impressive initiative at the global level.

Honor the Penal Code! Secure her Haven.

I was delighted to make a contribution on the topic of gender equality from the private sector and entrepreneurship perspectives during the conference “Honor the Penal Code! Secure Her Haven”. Organized by The Communication Arts Department, the conference was under the auspices and presence of H.E. Minister of Women Affairs Jean Oghassabian and distinguished guests Colonel Joseph Mousallem, Director of Public Relations Division of the Internal Security Forces, representing the Director-General of the ISF General Imad Othman and Mrs. Fatima Al Hajj, an activist and a lawyer from Kafa. 

Dr. Youness from UNGC said that the best way to empower women is through entrepreneurial efforts in the era of mobile and digital revolution, and in ways that are most accessible for women. As for the UNGC, “it is a 2015 United Nations initiative with the purpose to achieve sustainable development by 2035.  Gender Equality is objective number 5.”  He argued that the private sector has a major role to play in this regard, along with government guidance and major stakeholders taking active part, in order to free and empower women and to facilitate their entrepreneurial encounters.  He said that there are many on-going efforts with the UNDP to establish valid economic repercussions of gender violence as viable statistic.


Thank you American University of Science and Technology AUST for being an excellent host. Special thank you to the president of the university Mrs. Hiam Sakr and dean Farha.